Banned at The Roxy/ Just Kiddin Forever

by Blunicorn and the Sideshow Shitshows

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released October 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Blunicorn and the Sideshow Shitshows Hattiesburg, Mississippi

blunicorn is when i play by myself and jerk unicorn is the cover band i'm in that covers blunicorn.

the sideshow shitshows are you. you're in the band.

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Track Name: Banned at The Roxy/ Just Kiddin Forever
Banned by the punk scene- ok
I never got invited back to play there anyway
they said they only wanted "people just like us kids"
conformity disguised behind diversity and justice
I kinda only care because they kinda book good bands
and 59 stays clogged with punks from 'burg to Birmingham
run in circles so much fun to spin and punch
freedom of expression 'til you express a bit too much
to keep their fucking power they won't leave their fucking hall
insane asylum arbitrators padding on the wall
mope n grope mope n grope
-- what a thing of the past
the proof is hidden in a song about the poverty in Belfast

You won't remember, but we were standing ankle-deep in that doldrumatic brown water of Long Beach with our friends completely sober and doing absolutely nothing.

I took your guitar and played a stupid song about chickens in Ireland- said I wanted to write a few more so I could play at open mic.

You said you liked it, and I always liked you since.